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NTRO/raw employees use the domain investor they HATE as a honeypot to destroy her life completely

Increasingly NTRO/raw employees are extremely aggressive and innovative in destroying the life of indian citizens who they hate to become richer and more powerful
Earlier, most people were at least honest that they HATED a person
Since 2010 led by the mhow monster ntro employee puneet, the ntro/raw employee are using the domain investor they hate as a honeypot, faking help for her, to destroy her life completely and ensure that their real girlfriends were well protected .
Their enemies are easily duped by the lies of these charming ntro/raw employees and initially blindly believed in these lies to destroy the life of the domain investor who the ntro/raw employees actually HATED.
Usually even if a powerful person hates the domain investor, his enemies will help. However by faking help, the cruel cunning mhow monster puneet and others ensured that the domain investor did not get any help at all.