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Woman cheated of Rs 5.45 lakh by Pune man she met on matrimony website

Though matrimony websites are being advertised extensively on television channels they are very risky to use
The newspapers carried the news of how a woman was cheated of Rs 5.45 lakh on a matrimony website
She was persuaded to transfer money to the bank account of the Pune man she met on the matrimony website.
Later she realized that she was cheated and filed a police complaint after which the police caught the man,
The cheater was probably inspired by the NTRO/raw/cbi employees led by mhow monster puneet who are openly involved in a racket of cheating, exploiting and robbing a hardworking single woman engineer,for the last 11 years, faking help when they actually hated her.
The ntro/raw/cbi employees have cheated the single woman engineer of more than Rs 5 crore, yet because they are working in intelligence and security agencies, are supported by google, tata, indian tech and internet companies in their fraud on the single woman, the single woman engineer finds it very difficult to get any help,because it is well known that police do not register complaints against ntro, raw,cbi employees.