Fake recovery agents send morphed photos of Malad (E) salesperson to his colleagues, relatives

Indicating the risk involved in using smartphones, Fake recovery agents send morphed photos of Malad (E) salesperson, Sandeep Koregaonkar to his colleagues, relatives , which resulted in great mental stress and he allegedly committed suicide.
He had allegedly downloaded a loan app, which collected contact details from his mobile
The government is openly encouraging and rewarding people for circulating manipulated and defamatory photos of citizens, with bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, panaji sindhi scammer nikhil premchandani getting monthly government salaries for faking bank account, because they and their associates have circulated defamatory photos of the domain investor, who has no one to help or defend her, against the sindhi, gujju, goan, shivalli brahmin, bania scammers cheating, exploiting, robbing her.