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Greedy goan bhandari government employee scammer sunaina chodan is the face of government CYBERCRIME, FINANCIAL FRAUD in the indian internet sector

Though the Greedy goan bhandari government employee scammer sunaina chodan does not even have a computer at home and has never invested money in domains,for nearly te years, Greedy goan bhandari government employee scammer sunaina chodan has got a monthly government salary for faking domain ownership, online income due to the fake claims of her powerful lovers, sugar daddies, especially brahmin government employee cheater j srinivasan, who falsely claimed that scammer sunaina, who was not even born in 1989 to give JEE was his btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay, has the resume, savings of his real classmate who j srinivasan HATED
The shameless scammer j srinivasan and his sugar baby sunaina does not want to invest any money in domains yet being a shameless scammer j srinivasan continueS with his online, financial fraud of falsely claiming that his favorite goan sugar baby specializing in offering sex services is a domain investor to get her a monthly govenrmnent salary for her sex services, career help which her cheater relatives cheater chodankar, naik are giving j srinivasan for abusing his powers and duping companies, countries and people with fake stories about goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree who have no online income, no domain investment at all

Cybercrime rates in India are increasing mainly because top internet sector officials themselves are openly involved in cybercrime, financial fraud to get their sugar babies, friends and relatives government jobs at the expense of the real domain investor, Goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, greedy goan gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, indore robber deepika/veena, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil, haryana mba hr ruchika kinge are some of the long list of government employees getting rewarded for cybercrime, faking bank account and domain ownership, getting monthly government salaries only for making fake claims.