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Young short slim architect telugu trisha is latest cybercriminal being promoted by indian tech, internet companies, government agencies

Government agencies raw/cbi fail explain why their favorite fraudsters pune bank manager nikhil premchandani, architect telugu trisha do not use their own bank account

LIAR Government agencies, tech and internet companies fail to explain why their favorite fraud young architect short slim trisha does not use her own BANK account
The best proof of massive government SLAVERY racket in goa on the single woman domain investor was the fact that the sindhi scammer brothers, greedy goan fraudsters and others did not use their own bank account, were openly involved in CYBERCRIME stealing all the DATA of a hardworking single older woman engineer and then making fake claims about the shameless sindhi scammer brothers karan, pune banking fraudster bank manager nikhil premchandani who are getting monthly government salaries for FAKING domain ownership, bank account
It has become a huge racket for the LIAR fraud indian tech and internet companies, indian government agencies like raw/cbi to CRIMINALLY DEFAME a hardworking single woman engineer, domain investor and then falsely claim lazy greedy young fraudsters like sindhi scammer brothers nikhil karan, young cheater architect telugu trisha. who do no computer work, are doing the computer work, to pay them monthly government salaries
before indian government agencies comment on the website content, they should explain why they are making up FAKE stories about lazy greedy young fraudsters, housewives who do no computer work and criminally defaming hardworking older single women