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When a young glamorous liar,the inexperienced medical electronics diploma holder from Goa, the crooked liar siddhi mandrekar commits corporate espionage on the online exporter by exploiting the surveillance the exporter was put under, the powerful men in the indian internet sector, are overjoyed are reward her with a very important job in the indian internet sector, falsely claiming that the cheater has the experience, investment of the online exporter. The ruthless fraud may have changed her name to escape punishment for her crime, but her biological mother remains the same. The webmaster can provide the photo and facebook profile of her mother to anyone who wishes to help the victim trace the cybercriminal and get justice.

In a major sex scandal, goa's fraud medical electronics diploma holder who has commited corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster remains unpunished as she has allegedly used the casting couch, to ensure that legal action will not be taken against her for the espionage, and she retains the important government job she has been fraudulently appointed to. She has also been allegedly given powers of surveillance over her victim to ensure that the victim finds it difficult to get justice, and license to steal all important correspondence of her victim, digital information.

Thus young ruthles cybercriminals who commit corporate espionage are pampered, well protected and rewarded by powerful officials while their victims are exploited, defamed and cheated.