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Hacking news from local media Goa governor website hacked
Goa government website hacked

Reason for poor cybersecurity in goa
As mentioned elsewhere goa has been the epicenter of india's greatest internet scam, wherein mediocre inexperienced young frauds have been rewarded with important government jobs by extremely powerful officials infatuated with them at the expense of the experienced webmaster who these young frauds have cheated .

The officials in the internet sector refuse to take action against 2012 medical electronics diploma holder from father agnel, goa , siddhi mandrekar for corporate espionage, instead rewarding the cheater with an important government job, falsely claiming that the young conwoman has the experience of her victim. The ruthless fraud from goa, siddhi mandrekar, has been pampered and protected, given powers of surveillance over her victim, license to steal all important correspondence of the experienced webmaster who the young fraud has cheated,

powerful officials falsely claim that their greedy lazy liar fraud siddhi mandrekar is an expert webmaster,owns the business of the webmaster, including this website, while the real expert webmaster has been defamed as an illiterate fool, affecting her social status, and professionally as lucrative assignments are stolen by the pampered cheater siddhi mandrekar. Why do officials in Goa, find it difficult to admit the TRUTH , that siddhi mandrekar is just a CRUEL GREEDY FRAUD from a powerful family, who has been pampered, and has no connection to the business of the webmaster she cheated,

In another fraud, slim bsc sunaina has been falsely introduced as the owner of the online export business, an experienced webmaster, when actually powerful men infatuated with her, are hacking the laptop of the online exporter, to promote their inexperienced lazy liar girlfriend . In a third case, atleast two mediocre liar housewives nayanshree hathwar and v** ch** who with the help of their crooked husbands betrayed and cheated , the experienced webmaster and engineer, are promoted extensively by the corrupt officials as the experienced webmaster when these women have not managed a single website, while the really experienced webmaster will get nothing, due to the refusal of powerful officials to acknowledge merit and experience.

A simple question to all the dishonest corrupt officials in goa promoting frauds like siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar, if these women actually own the online business, why dont they control the bank account of the online export business. Why are these fraud women given credit for the export of the experienced webmaster who these mediocre lazy liars have cheated?

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