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Goa Governor Mridula Sinha's website has been hacked by unknown people, the police said Saturday, 25 October 2014.
On Saturday, a note on the website www.rajbhavangoa.org read: 'Our website is currently undergoing maintenance. Work in progress.'
This is not the first time that a Goa government website has been hacked. The state government portals were hacked by a Pakistani cyber expert in July 2013 when 13 websites maintained by state government departments were defaced.
Police had then said that the websites were hacked by a Pakistan-based cyber group called H4x0r HuSsy.

Before catching the hackers, the police should catch goa's notorious greedy cybercriminal medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, who has commited corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster who made the mistake of trusting the cybercriminal, but has been pampered and rewarded with an important government job in the internet sector, with fake references of experience by large corporates, allegedly google, tata, paypal who wish to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply.
The experienced webmaster has been defamed as an ignorant illiterate fool by these same dishonest corporates to cover up their scam of promoting and protecting lazy liar inexperienced cheater women, appointing these frauds to important government jobs.

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