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Though the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector have given fake references of experience to their mediocre inexperienced lazy liar girlfriends to appoint them to very important positions in the indian internet sector, falsely claiming that the young cheaters who they are infatuated with, are experienced webmasters, it does not change the fact that these lazy cheater women have never managed a single website.

The experienced webmaster has been brutally exploited, cheated and defamed by the dishonest powerful shameless men in charge of the indian internet sector, but still continues to manage and control one of the large networks of websites in the country alone. We have removed malware from our websites whenever we received a notice, often within an hour, and ensure that our websites have excellent up time.

We can help any other webmaster, blogger in India or abroad remove malware from their websites. For free advice or to request additional information, kindly send an email to, or use the contact form

To highlight the problems created by the dishonesty, lack of professionalism, nepotism in the indian internet sector, we are listing the regular hacking incidents that are taking place , due to the fake reference scam and lack of competent people in charge of the internet sector.
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