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tata power employee guruprasad gets his wife nayanshree a raw job by committing cybercrime on google competitor

Google is extremely aggressive in destroying competition in india, rewarding all those who commit cybercrime on them.
For example tata power employee guruprasad, has been deleting all the important files from the hard disk of a single woman engineer since 2011 in a clear case of cybercrime.
So though google is aware that guruprasad’s wife nayanshree is only COOKING, CLEANING for him, does no computer work, google has got nayanshree a raw job, falsely claiming that she owns the paypal, bank account of the google competitor to reward guruprasad for his cybercrime
Since it is difficult to end the cybercrime of guruprasad, the google competitor is forced to use notebooks

If cruel cunning ntro employee mhow monster puneet had not used the domain investor he HATED as a honeypot, she would lead a much better life.

The domain investor owning this and other websites is a harmless powerless private citizen, no one would be bothered about her, and she led a peaceful life till 2010.
If cruel cunning ntro employee mhow monster puneet had not used the domain investor he HATED as a honeypot, to deny her fundamental rights, cheat, exploit, rob and harass her, she would have had all the rights which other citizens have, especially the right to privacy
If she had the rights which other private citizens have, she would lead a much better life, take better care of her health and not waste her time daily fighting for her fundamental rights.

Hackers do not realize that they are wasting their time hacking the domain investor’s computer

To cover up the CYBERCRIME, SEX,BRIBERY RACKET, government slavery, it appears that some cunning, google,tata, indian internet company is instigating some hackers to steal the passwords for the domain investors account.
The hackers are being misled that the domain investor is making a huge amount of money when actually she is making almost nothing from advertising since she pays a huge amount in domain renewal, webhosting fees
The hackers do not want to take the risk of legally purchasing domains,paying domain renewal fees, till they get a customer for the domain, so they should realize that they are wasting their time, monitoring the domain investor

Only after 8 years, non-indian intelligence agencies realized that the ntro/raw employees HATED the domain investor, used her as a honeypot

Indicating that mhow monster ntro employee puneet is one of the greatest actors and liars in India, Only after 8 years, non-indian intelligence agencies realized that the ntro/raw employees HATED the domain investor, used her as a honeypot
Initially almost all countries blindly believed in the complete lies of mhow monster puneet, other ntro/raw employees who falsely claimed that they owned the savings, domains, bank account of the single woman engineer they HATED.
Only when the single woman domain investor started complaining loudly about the financial fraud on her, how she was making very less money, and how the real girlfriends of the ntro/raw employees like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, naina premchandani were leading a very lavish life only for making fake claims, did other countries realize that the domain investor was used as a honeypot, not one cared or helped her in any way.

NTRO/raw employees use the domain investor they HATE as a honeypot to destroy her life completely

Increasingly NTRO/raw employees are extremely aggressive and innovative in destroying the life of indian citizens who they hate to become richer and more powerful
Earlier, most people were at least honest that they HATED a person
Since 2010 led by the mhow monster ntro employee puneet, the ntro/raw employee are using the domain investor they hate as a honeypot, faking help for her, to destroy her life completely and ensure that their real girlfriends were well protected .
Their enemies are easily duped by the lies of these charming ntro/raw employees and initially blindly believed in these lies to destroy the life of the domain investor who the ntro/raw employees actually HATED.
Usually even if a powerful person hates the domain investor, his enemies will help. However by faking help, the cruel cunning mhow monster puneet and others ensured that the domain investor did not get any help at all.

NTRO/raw/cbi employees openly involved in CYBERCRIME to run india’s biggest work at home fraud since 2010

There has been no change in the ownership of the older domains of the domain investor since 2002, only one person is paying the domain renewal fees. Yet indicating rampant fraud in the indian internet sector, at least 15 google, tata sponsored scammer students, greedy lazy cheater housewives, goan call girls and other frauds have got monthly government salaries for faking computer work, domain, bank account ownership.
The real domain investor is not connected to the ntro/raw/cbi employees in any way at all, yet they are aware of all the websites which the domain investor is visiting, her online activities.
So the only way the ntro/raw/cbi employees are aware of what is happening is because they are involved in cybercrime, stealing the business data without the permission of single woman engineer who is actually spending her time doing computer work daily.

NTRO/internet companies using virtualization to commit cybercrime

The domain investor is a private citizen, who has not received any assistance from government agencies and will not receive any help
Yet indicating the high levels of cybercrime in India, especially panaji, goa, it appears that the computer is being replicated on a large number of other computer without a legally valid reason, so that fraud google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees can fake domain ownership.
It appears that the ISP Vodafone or Airtel has been asked to connect to the NTRO server so that details can be shared with ?he internet companies who then modify or delete files.