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Data packets being modified by cybercriminals to block withdrawal from Inbox cash in panaji, goa

Indicating the extremely high levels of cybercrime in panaji, goa, the domain investor cannot withdraw a small amount from her inbox cash account to her payeer account because cybercriminal, ntro,raw, employees are blocking the withdrawal, modifying the data packets
Payeer is listing all the withdrawals and people are withdrawing even a small amount of $0.02 from their inboxcash account on 15 November, 16 November 2021,
Only the domain investor is not able to withdraw the small amount for the last 3 days, because her data packets are intercepted and modified by ntro/raw employees who want to falsely claim that their relatives and friends are doing the computer work, when their lazy greedy friends and relatives are not interested in spending any time, any money on computer hardware, but want to falsely claim credit and get monthly government salaries at the expense of the domain investor.
The domain investor is wasting a lot of time daily, trying to withdraw the small amount, yet the payment is being blocked, showing how ruthless the ntro/raw employees are in blocking payment, wasting the time of the domain investor

Confirm withdrawal

Inbox Cash

1:58 PM (22 minutes ago)
Dear pcwork, Your security code is 6601. Regards, Inbox Cash team
Inbox Cash <>

2:15 PM (4 minutes ago)

to me

Dear pcwork,

Your security code is 25677.



Inbox Cash team
Inbox Cash <>

2:16 PM (3 minutes ago)

to me

Dear pcwork,

Your security code is 47824.



Inbox Cash team

Due to hacking or software problems cannot withdraw money from inboxcash

Since paypal has convinced all the websites using it to limit the revenues of the domain investor, stealing or diverting the revenues, the domain investor decided to use other websites.
Inboxcash is a paid to read email website, and the domain investor decided to review the website, since it has a low minimum payout
Yet after the minimum payout was reached, when the domain investor tried to withdraw for payment proof, it is giving a balance error which could be a software problem.
On forums, others have posted a payment proof for minimum payout , so it appears that the website is hacked.
This shows how ruthless the indian internet companies are in reducing the income to zero.

Shivalli brahmin cybercriminals even modifying the articles written to cause losses

To cover up the writing,financial fraud of shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater raw employee housewife nayanshree, who is only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband, yet gets a monthly salary only for making fake claims, the shivalli brahmins are very aggressive in their cybercrime, modifying the content of the files.
For example the domain investor had written an article where pajama set was mentioned
Being extremely ruthless cybercriminals, who hate the domain investor, they changed the pajama set to night gown. Since the domain investor has intentionally reduced the amount of stressful writing work she will do, she checked the article again, and found that some cybercriminal had changed pajama set to night gown, so that the article would get rejected, wasting her time.

Another cybercriminal creating an account at Webkul misusing email

NTRO is sharing email details of the domain investor with everyone and hackers are creating an account using the email , account on different websites

This another message received due to hackers misusing the email id

Thank you for joining!!

Hello INFO ,

Your account has been successfully created. We welcome you to the community of Webkul Software Pvt Ltd.

It’s our privilege to have you as our customer. We are pretty much sure that you will love the fact that how simple it is to get started with the services. We are dedicated to making your working life simpler.

Click on the link to set your password webkul.uvdesk com/en/account-confirmation/ /0672359671 and get started with the Webkul Software Pvt Ltd services.

Hoping that you will enjoy this experience.

Thanks and Regards

Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

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Hello INFO ,

You have added as a collaborator in ticket #323743. you can check the ticket from this link #323743.

Cheers !

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Uttar Pradesh hacker misusing gmail account of domain investor


Mon, Jul 19, 5:38 AM

to me
Dear Applicant,
Your OTP Number for viewing Marksheet is : ‘073681’ against Registrtaion No. 10705027628

With Regards ,

( Uttar Pradesh )

It is clear that the surveillance is only used to leak information to hackers, the domain investor has nothing to do with uttar pradesh . Any details to trace the hacker will be appreciated please contact

Cybercriminal with email id hacking gmail account

The domain investor does not use gmail, only for review purposes a gmail account was required.
When she logged in,she found that some cybercriminal with email id had hacked her account and is misusing it
This is a copy of a security alert sent to is the recovery email for this account. If you don’t recognize this account, disconnect it.
Account recovered successfully
Welcome back to your account
If you suspect you were locked out of your account because of changes made by someone else, you should review & protect your account.

Anyone who knows the identity of the hacker,please contact at

Woman cheated of Rs 5.45 lakh by Pune man she met on matrimony website

Though matrimony websites are being advertised extensively on television channels they are very risky to use
The newspapers carried the news of how a woman was cheated of Rs 5.45 lakh on a matrimony website
She was persuaded to transfer money to the bank account of the Pune man she met on the matrimony website.
Later she realized that she was cheated and filed a police complaint after which the police caught the man,
The cheater was probably inspired by the NTRO/raw/cbi employees led by mhow monster puneet who are openly involved in a racket of cheating, exploiting and robbing a hardworking single woman engineer,for the last 11 years, faking help when they actually hated her.
The ntro/raw/cbi employees have cheated the single woman engineer of more than Rs 5 crore, yet because they are working in intelligence and security agencies, are supported by google, tata, indian tech and internet companies in their fraud on the single woman, the single woman engineer finds it very difficult to get any help,because it is well known that police do not register complaints against ntro, raw,cbi employees.

Cybercriminal hackers delete article on desktop of domain investor to waste time.

To cover up their CYBERCRIME, SEX,BRIBERY RACKET for 11 years rewarding indore ROBBER deepika and others, CYBERCRIMINAL tata/ntro employees delete article when it is almost complete
Writing articles on iwriter is very time consuming, and ntro, raw, cbi have blocked most articles in the last month for exposing their government slavery, banking fraud. The domain investor is only getting a few special requests.
Yet indicating the extreme hatred, the domain investor found that the article is deleted when it is almost complete by hackers controlling the computer remotely
The domain investor had to write the 700 word article again wasting her time due to the cybercrime of the hackers , showing how malicious they are

Cannot register at faucetpay due to Firefox browser hacking

On moneymaking forums, faucetpay is a popular crypto microwallet for receiving crypto payments .
Since most of the moneymaking websites which were listed in 2015-2016 are not existing in 2021, the domain investor is trying to find some reliable websites
So she tried to register at Faucetpay, where the user has to specify the user name
Yet for every name that she is inputting using a Firefox browser in Panaji, goa, she is getting a message, user name is already taken
The Firefox browser is hacked to prevent her from making any money, registering at the website.

Cannot register at due to browser hacking

On moneymaking forums, is a popular get paid to (GPT) website with minimum payout of $1.
Since most of the websites which were listed in 2015-2016 are not existing, the domain investor is trying to find some reliable websites
So she tried to register at, where the user has to specify the user name
Yet for every name that she is inputting, she is getting a message, user name is already taken
The Firefox browser is hacked to prevent her from making any money, registering at the website.