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One of the greatest internet scams that in India has taken place in goa, wherein powerful officials in the indian internet sector , have falsely claimed that their mediocre lazy liar inexperienced cheater girlfriends medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar (who was involved in corporate espionage),slim bsc sunaina, housewife nayanshree hathwar and others are experienced webmasters with twenty years experience to appoint them to very important government jobs in the internet sector, at the expense of a very experienced webmaster who these powerful men hate and has got nothing. Names may have changed.

Though these lazy liar young women have never managed a single website themselves, the extremely powerful men in the indian internet sector are completely infatuated with these lazy liar young women and not willing to admit or correct their mistake, wasting tax payer money to falsely claim that their girlfriends own and manage a number of websites including this website when there is no connection. Many of these lazy liar mediocre girlfriends do not know anything about managing websites, but are given great powers because of their dishonest powerful boyfriends and relatives who are shamelessly exploiting this webmaster to get great benefits for these undeserving women at the expense of the webmaster. There have also been reports that government websites for Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Odisha have also been hacked in the last few weeks.

Instead of spending time ensuring that government websites are not hacked, the powerful officials in the indian internet sector continue to waste time and resources hacking multiple laptops of the experienced webmaster, online publisher and exporter so that they can falsely claim that their lazy inexperienced liar girlfriends own the business of the webmaster and are doing all the work, when these women do not do any work or spend any money online. Allegedly large corporates like tata, google, paypal and other indian internet companies are promoting the mediocre inexperienced young women and the fraud on the experienced webmaster.

How about giving credit where it is due to the experienced webmaster and onlin exporter, who has maintained hundreds of websites with little downtime for more than a decade, instead of defaming and humiliating her as a fool who does not know anything? Instead of hacking the experienced webmaster and online exporters laptops continuously to claim credit to their lazy liar mediocre girlfriends who do not do anywork or know anything , why dont the officials ensure that government websites are not hacked. Till date (20 days after the incident) the governors website remains under maintenance, an indication of the low competence level in the indian internet sector due to the unwillingness of powerful officials in the internet sector to even acknowledge experienced webmasters and promote their lazy liar inexperienced girlfriends as experienced webmasters.

Why are these powerful officials not punished for their fake reference fraud, which adversely affects cybersecurity in the country?

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