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One of the reasons for poor cybersecurity in India is the human rights abuses, exploitation, cheating and fraud on the really experienced hardworking webmasters in India as powerful officials delude themselves that their inexperienced young fraud cheater girlfriends they are infatuated with are experienced webmasters, when they are only involved in corporate espionage, cheating to appoint these young frauds to very important government jobs in charge of cybersecurity.

The government officials in the indian internet sector seem to be pathological liars, finding it difficult to admit the truth , acknowledge experience, expertise, defaming the experienced webmaster as a illiterate fool, exploiting and cheating her mercilessly while falsely claiming that their cheater girlfriends who have never managed a website are experienced webmasters.

Their massive egos find it difficult to admit that the woman is an expert, and out of jealousy they defame her, while allegedly falsely claiming that goa's notorious cheater greedy inexperienced medical diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, is the expert, In another case, bangalore's cheater nayanshree hathwar who looted the experienced webmaster, has also been promoted as the experienced webmaster when she has never managed a website. Why do people find it difficult to admit the truth.

In no other sector, will the real experienced expert be defamed and exploited so mercilessly , while inexperienced mediocre frauds, liars and cheater young girlfriends of powerful officials protected and rewarded with important government jobs falsely claiming that they are the expert. In most sectors, experts are respected for their ability to train others who have no experience, but in the indian internet sector, powerful officials and companies refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE the expert.

As the expert webmaster manages a large network of websites, instead of appreciating and acknowledging the fact that she has skills which few have, paranoid dishonest officials and companies defame the webmaster as having a illegal business, threatening to freeze the bank account of the webmaster, though the business is perfectly legal. It is an indication of the crab mentality in the indian internet sector, and naturally cybersecurity in the country will suffer if officials refuse to acknowledge the expertise of experienced webmasters.

Additionally the experienced harmless webmasters are attacked mercilesssly wasting tax payer money with non contact sophisticated weapons causing very severe headache, memory loss, insomnia to ruin their health by jealous powerful anonymous officials who cannot be held responsible for the human rights atrocities. Why does no one question the human rights atrocities on experienced webmasters in India

The powerful officials instigated by large corporates are so eager to frame the experienced webmaster they are jealous of, freeze her bank account, to destroy her life, that she has to avoid staying with her family, to avoid being held responsible for the action of her family members when there is no professional relationship, Thus being a hardworking expert in the indian internet sector can be a very great crime, whereas fraud and cheating are the greatest virtues.

On the other hand, other mediocre family members will not be punished for their fraud of making false claims , instead rewarded for betraying the webmaster as these corrupt official falsely claim that the cheater family member, a housewife is the expert, when she does not even open her email once in twenty days. The mediocre housewife will also be rewarded with great powers for her act of betrayal at the expense of the webmaster she betrayed. Thus the personal life of experienced webmasters will also be destroyed due to the complete lack of humanity and professionalism of officials eager to frame the experienced webmaster.

Thus powerful officials in the indian internet sector have the most amazing double standard worshipping inexperienced lazy liar fraud girlfriends, usually young, appointing them to important government jobs with fake references of experience, while defaming, exploiting and cheating the really experienced webmaster and expert as a fool. The government need to review the lack of professionalism in the indian internet sector, wherein powerful officials are unable to keep their personal and professional life separate.